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After going for 6 hours, almost nonstop, giving Reiki to more than 12 clients, you’d think I would have been exhausted. In fact, I was invigorated and inspired.

It was such an honor to be a part of Circuit Healing Day on Monday, founded and created by Anna Naturalista – a force of a woman on a quest to heal the world, one person at a time.

Custom-made day

Held at a beautiful estate in Rancho Santa Fe, Circuit Healing Day served as a specialized, custom-made “spa” day for each participant. As they arrived and registered, their needs were assessed – whether physical, mental, emotional or all.

Then they enjoyed different healing modalities, techniques, and tools throughout the day, and the estate.

Not to mention taking in incredible views, enjoying delicious healthy food, and taking a dip in the pool or jacuzzi between sessions.

Reiki is different for everybody

As they arrived in a private back room for a Reiki session with me, each client shared their own amazing story and what brought them to circuit healing day.

And, as Reiki is a universal energy, everyone responded differently to the session.

~One client felt a release in the tension of her neck.

~Another cried over missing a loved one.

~Another saw angels all around her.

Most comments I received included, “that was wonderful” and “I am so relaxed.”

Receiving Reiki might elicit a feeling or experience that can be challenging to articulate. Most importantly, it is an opportunity for the body to relax and receive an energy that is universal and healing.

What does Reiki have to do with it?

So, what is an officiant doing practicing Reiki? What does that have to do with wedding ceremonies and baby blessings?

Well, in a word, everything.

To me healing energy and Reiki – *spiritually guided life force energy- is the “connective tissue” to all that I do. Honoring the sacred in everything, whether is it officiating a wedding ceremony, performing a baby blessing, facilitating a memorial service.

It is showing up with the understanding that there is so much more at work than just me.


*The word Reiki is composed of two Japanese words:  
~Rei which means “God’s Wisdom” or “the Higher Power”
~Ki which is “life force energy”
So Reiki is actually “spiritually guided life force energy”


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For couples planning their wedding in Southern California, you have so many options and choices available to you. And the number of wedding officiants, and officiating styles, is aplenty.

So how do you choose the best one for you?

Some things to Consider:
~What is the tone of your wedding?
~What is their style? Easygoing, serious, joyful?
~How important is the Spiritual or Religious aspect for you?
~Do you feel comfortable talking with them?

Are they flexible? Recently I met with a couple who said they had attended a friend’s wedding and the officiant was quite stern with the groom during the ceremony, when he slid the ring all the way onto her finger before completing the final declaration, “with this ring, I thee wed . . . ” So the officiant made the groom take the ring off and put it on again. REALLY?

Rules and procedures are there to HELP you, to ensure things go smoothly.

Photo by Anika London

Photo by Anika London

They should never take precedence over the joy and intention of the moment. If you don’t do it perfectly, it’s ok. As your wedding officiant I am there to guide you, and certainly would never chastise you about not doing it exactly right.

On the other hand, will your officiant keep you on track in the ceremony creation process or do they just do everything you say? This is most likely a new process for you, and sometimes you don’t know what you don’t know. Your officiant should have the experience and authority to make you aware of why something might not work the way you envision, and to find an alternative.

A few questions to ask a wedding officiant before you book:

– What exactly do your services include?
– How many weddings do you perform in one day? (is there a chance they will be late to yours, or have to leave early?)
– Do you have backup in case of emergency?
– What is your experience performing weddings and what is your training?
– Do you attend and/or conduct rehearsal?
– What do you wear?

And maybe the most important question of all:
What made you decide to become a wedding officiant? What is your passion and purpose? (Does it align with yours?)


Just Imagine Wedding Ceremony Officiating Services:

What Can You Expect? 

·      Creating Your Ceremony: After our initial meeting, you will receive a suggested outline for your ceremony, based on our discussions of your vision and intentions.
You will also receive suggestions for readings and poems, unity ceremonies, and other wedding rituals. You might love these, or they will simply help get you started in finding or creating your own.

·      Consultations: The ceremony creation process takes place via email and phone calls as needed to answer all of your questions; guide you in your selections of wording, poems and readings; and put the finishing touches on your ceremony vision.

·      Rehearsal:  A week prior to your wedding date, I will collect the names of everyone in your wedding party, and those walking down the aisle. With this information I will assist you in creating the processional order and use this final “Master” list to conduct rehearsal.
If you have engaged the services of a wedding planner, I will still attend the rehearsal, to review important aspects of the ceremony with you.

·      Officiating Your Wedding Ceremony: On your wedding day I arrive at the ceremony location at least 30 minutes prior to start time. This allows time for sound check, confirming last-minute items, etc.
If your ceremony requires it, I can provide a small table & linen.
Generally I wear a suit while officiating your ceremony. (I have been known to go barefoot in the sand if requested!)

·      Mailing Marriage License: After the ceremony is complete, I will sign the license, as will your two chosen witnesses. On the next business day, I will mail your marriage license in for you. It takes about two weeks for the county to process and make your marriage certificate available to you.

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What a fantastic CPR class last night!

Thanks so much to the Association of Bridal Consultants for putting together the 4-hour CPR and First Aid training/qualification course, and to the Dana on Mission Bay for hosting. And big thanks to Jo at AllHeart CPR for making it all so easy to learn.

It’s reassuring to obtain the CPR and First Aid qualification and be familiar once again with the knowledge to help in case of an emergency.

Brides and grooms, it’s always a great idea to make sure someone at your event is trained or qualified in CPR, as well as being aware of emergency procedures at your chosen event venue.

CPR cardHopefully it’s something you will never need, but with weddings being an opportunity for emotions to run high,  it will offer a little more peace of mind.

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Continental Catering knows how to throw a party!   Last night at their Fall Fete they shared some great ideas for fall events:

Continental is always so talented by combining innovation with the tried-and-true:

Tasty fluffy miniscones get the full treatment – from chocolate to whip cream, and berries in between!

Delicious mini scones with a huge selection of toppings – berries and smooth chocolate with a top of fresh whip cream.

For a refreshing fall libation, fruit and cloves soaked for days in vodka then poured into Martinelli’s – sweet!

Light and refreshing fall cider infused with fruit and cloves

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Resources & Recommendations

What time is Sunset on your wedding day? Check out  TimeandDate

The County Clerk’s Office is your resource for your Marriage License and all legal answers.

Be sure to consult MissNowMrs for your name-change kit!

And, as you plan your wedding you realize your life is changing, shifting and growing way beyond just putting together the pieces of the puzzle for your celebration day.

You might discover you will need the assistance in many different areas of your life.

Many blessings, luck and love in your new adventure of wedding and marriage!

Dancing Together
Rebecca Grohowski
619 -787- 6376
~Rebecca offers private dance instruction in a friendly, relaxed environment. The focus of learning is on competence, comfort, and enjoyment.
Mad Hot Studios
Isabella Konold
~Isabella holds classes in Pacific Beach and Rancho Bernardo. She teaches with passion and her enthusiasm is contagious. Take the floor for your first dance with enthusiasm and confidence.
Forever Treasured
Michele Basile
~Michele goes above and beyond, pressing your dress on site for your wedding day and lending a friendly ear as well as assistant with all of your bridesmaids attire and even dressing assistance. After your wedding she will even pick up your wedding dress from your hotel for cleaning and preservation.
Wittenberg Financial
Steve Wittenberg
~Steve’s consulting style goes beyond finance expertise to include a plan and vision for your life.
The Art of Travel
~Owner Kleon Howe’s expertise and passion infuses every customized honeymoon that he creates. You will never forget your experience working with him, let alone the amazing trip of a lifetime!
Urban SkinCare
Little Italy: 2326 India St.
Coronado: 549 Orange Ave
Rev. Judy Winkler
Jamila Bazmjow / Marriage & Family Therapist

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