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Just came back from attending the monthly meeting of San Diego’s Death Cafe group. Amazing.

How great is the name? “Cafe” gives an accessible quality to a concept that seems so untouchable.

Imagine going to your favorite coffee house with a few friends, and one of them mentions a worry, or revelation, or question they have about a very charged subject.

Which is exactly what we did.

The group gathered in several small circles of 6-8 and we talked about death. Anything that anyone wanted to talk about: our own death, the impending death of a loved one, deaths of others we’ve already journeyed through, the logistics of dealing with everything after a family member’s death, what is an ideal death . . . we could have talked all night, though I felt I had plenty to absorb after about an hour.  The discussions were matter-of-fact, practical, educational – there was no extreme emotion – just fascinating questions and insights.

One of my favorite comments from one of the participants, talking about her mother’s death: “The relationship doesn’t end when they die, it just changes.”

So excited to join a group like this – it’s time our Western culture embraced new ways of relating to death.

I left the meeting feeling light as air.

This is an international grass-roots organization – there might be one in your area.  Check it out.


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What a fantastic CPR class last night!

Thanks so much to the Association of Bridal Consultants for putting together the 4-hour CPR and First Aid training/qualification course, and to the Dana on Mission Bay for hosting. And big thanks to Jo at AllHeart CPR for making it all so easy to learn.

It’s reassuring to obtain the CPR and First Aid qualification and be familiar once again with the knowledge to help in case of an emergency.

Brides and grooms, it’s always a great idea to make sure someone at your event is trained or qualified in CPR, as well as being aware of emergency procedures at your chosen event venue.

CPR cardHopefully it’s something you will never need, but with weddings being an opportunity for emotions to run high,  it will offer a little more peace of mind.

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Congratulations – You’re Engaged!

The first few weeks and months of your engagement are an exciting time, as you consider all the potential magical aspects of your big day.

And, clever you, after the day dreaming fades and the practical aspects of planning begin, you realize the best gift you can give yourself is professional assistance with hostessing the most important party of your life.
As you begin to research options for engaging a wedding planner, you will come across many different monikers for all different services.
The value of a wedding planner is to be your representative on your wedding day. And just like a good lawyer, the only way we can be on your side is if we have all the information.

Gathering information requires at least a few weeks of consultations and conversations via phone and email to:
*learn about the details of your vision and what is most important to you
*collect copies of all of your vendor contracts and review them thoroughly to ensure that what you believe is being provided and what is actually being provided, match.
*schedule site visits to determine and finalize decided setup/layout and logistics.

Following is a simple guideline to decipher the wedding planning service lingo:

“Day Of”:  The term “day-of” coordinator is widely circulated in the wedding industry. I believe it is a bit of a misnomer, and actually, I’m not quite sure what it means. Is this someone who walks on site the day of your wedding? I imagine this will be an person of assistance to whom you will assign specific tasks, such as setting out wedding favors, placing the guest book, setting up place cards, tying ribbons on chairs. This is a great assignment for a trusted Aunt or friend, who has the time, skillset and patience to set everything up, and isn’t required to be present for immediate photos before the wedding.
This “Day of” assistant is there simply to help with specific preassigned tasks. You might even decide on an hourly wage or a nice gift if they are a friend or family member.
It goes without saying that every professional wedding planning service includes the actual day of your wedding, arriving on site hours ahead to arrange load-in/ setup and ensure everything runs smoothly throughout the day until the last guest has left.

“Month Of” service generally begins three to four weeks before your wedding day, after you have done all the planning legwork, hired all of your wedding service professionals, and confirmed all the big decisions. This is where the wedding planner spends much of their time gathering information from you, as noted above, in order to serve as your right hand or “rep” on your wedding day.

Your wedding planner’s job is to make decisions and tackle challenges on event day based on your vision and priorities, without bothering you about the details while you are getting ready and enjoying your friends & family.

“Full Service” can start three months ahead or two years ahead of your event, depending on your requirements. It includes everything from helping you choose locations for your ceremony and reception, recommending and referring all of your service professionals, attending meetings with you to determine decor, vision, etc., and unlimited consultations to advise and guide on every detail.

An engagement is a time not only to plan the wedding, but to revel in all the reasons you’ve chosen each other and why you want to spend the rest of your lives together.
By knowing yourselves and your schedules, eg. how much time you will have during your daily lives for planning and meetings, you can best determine which service is right for you.
With that in mind, you can work with your chosen wedding planner to customize a service that works perfectly for you!

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Continental Catering knows how to throw a party!   Last night at their Fall Fete they shared some great ideas for fall events:

Continental is always so talented by combining innovation with the tried-and-true:

Tasty fluffy miniscones get the full treatment – from chocolate to whip cream, and berries in between!

Delicious mini scones with a huge selection of toppings – berries and smooth chocolate with a top of fresh whip cream.

For a refreshing fall libation, fruit and cloves soaked for days in vodka then poured into Martinelli’s – sweet!

Light and refreshing fall cider infused with fruit and cloves

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Last night attended the Campbell 92101 networking event at Voyeur – hot new lounge club downtown. (this was the 7th Anniversary party for the Campbell group – congratulations John!)

The Campbell group is so dynamic with many regulars each month as well as lots of new faces from all types of businesses and organizations. I love attending these functions to get inspired, generate new ideas, and share great resources with others.

It’s always great to get to downtown San Diego – a terrific high-energy vibe; great for a good party. And Voyeur is a perfect space for a bachelorette or bachelor party. The upstairs level has its own bar for your private affair – and you can all play the voyeur, looking down over the railing on the party below.

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