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The gorgeous setting of Paradise Point lent itself perfectly for an outdoor, intimate, social-distance wedding ceremony.
This couple, like many others, had the disappointing experience of having to reschedule their wedding multiple times due to pandemic challenges. When it finally all came together, with a much smaller guest count, their very apparent love for each other was even stronger.

You did a fabulous job with our ceremony! Thank you so much for working with us and making it very much our own story. We received many compliments about how lovely the readings were, how well you presented the ceremony, and your comic relief during the sand ceremony! We loved it all! You are wonderful!”

Photographer Avalon Richards caught the gorgeous light and this happy couple’s lively style. All photos by @truephotography

Great to work with these incredible professionals!

  • Holly Kalkin @hkweddings
  • Maribel Beltran @paradisepointsd
  • Elegant Touch Floral Designs / sdweddingflowers.com
  • DJ David Cutler @DjDavidCutler
  • Concepts Team @ConceptsEventDesign

Holly Kalkin and the Paradise Point staff did a great job of setting up the ceremony chairs with social distance sections.

Social-distance ceremony seating

Jewel-tone shoes for the bride!
“First look” before the ceremony is a great option to have that exciting moment,
while reducing the stress of walking down the aisle.
(This is a nice time to share personal vows as well, for the particularly shy!)
Want to honor someone special? Pinning keepsake mementos to your bouquet keeps them close.
A proud moment walking with his groomsmen.
I printed their vows for them on beautiful gold-trimmed, heavy stock paper (doesn’t flap about in the breeze!). And, sometimes I bring my Italian glass paperweight to keep the vows secure.
With this ring
A great way to include someone in your big day – ask them to read a special poem. And, have your DJ provide an additional mic and stand to the side so your reader is all set to go!
Blending of the Sands is a meaningful ritual symbolizing two individual lives, joining together. Perfect for waterfront weddings, too!
Always great to work with a professional DJ, and David Cutler is one of the best! Makes me sound great, too. 🙂
How much do you love the pineapple aisle decor?


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So many aspects of this wedding I love. This wonderful couple met in high school, went their separate ways, then rediscovered each other as adults. A beautiful love story.

Thank you to Arash of Rugger Productions Photography for capturing the day
Holly Kalkin for incredible planning expertise
DJ Earl Henry
Paradise Point staff for their help and support

ceremony long view

Paradise Point is just that – a paradise oasis in a paradise city

arch detail - flowers

Beautiful arch detail by Thistle Dew Floral thistledewfloral.com

bride - parents - holly

The bride is beaming as she gets ready to walk up the aisle. And the amazing Holly Kalkin always behind the scenes hard at work, even straightening the gown at the last minute.

bride smile

blue shoes

Look at these shoes! Sassy splash of blue.

bride wiping groom brow

A really sweet moment. I had given the bride a few tissue to dab at tears, and she used one to attend to the brow of her man (it was a VERY hot day!)

her vows

Sharing personal vows

with this ring

With this ring . . .


I brought a little paper weight from home to hold their vows at this breezy spot.

sand thumbs up

Unity Ceremony Blending of the Sands: colors of blue and silver to represent the ocean. And together they created this keepsake for their home.

signing license

Whom will you choose to witness and sign your marriage license!?

earl on dance floor

DJ Earl Henry is one of the best in the biz. Not only is he incredibly professional – I can always count on him during the ceremony – he’s a lot of fun, too, at reception.

sunset pic

A practically perfect day


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On a beautiful June day out in the countryside of San Diego, Bates Nut Farm in Valley Center provided the perfect space for these two to share I Dos.
Simple decor and personal touches made this a special and intimate wedding ceremony.

Much gratitude to:
Brandon of Brandon Colbert Photography for incredible images as well as his easy-going professional style.
Black Tie Productions for seamless ceremony sound and music.
Bates Nut Farm and coordinator Sherrie for making everything run so smoothly!


The majesty of these gorgeous trees create the perfect space for the ceremony.

arch and table

TIME CAPSULE: This beautiful leather case on the wooden table contains very special wine bottles. And during the ceremony Tanya and Iain placed their marriage vows in the case along with the wine. On their anniversary they will open the case, pop the cork, and share their vows again, to celebrate and toast their union once again.


Her parents are simply beaming as they escort their daughter up the aisle.


RING WARMING: I love this simple wooden round box to pass their rings for the ring warming. During the ceremony, their wedding rings are passed among the guests, who take just a moment for a silent wish or blessing for the happy couple, their future and marriage together.

vow laugh

VOWS: Sharing a laugh during their personal vows to each other.



Congratulations Mr. & Mrs!!


So honored to officiate their very special ceremony.


“From the moment my husband and I met Gayle, we knew she was special and the perfect person to officiate our wedding. She has an incredibly warm, kind and calm aura about her that makes you feel like you’ve known her forever. . . . Gayle did an amazing job making our wedding and ceremony memorable, she far exceeded our expectations.”~Tanya & Iain

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In addition to favorite readings and poems, what else can you include in your wedding ceremony to give it substance and personality?

Wedding ceremonies based in traditional religions have rituals that weave the ceremony together and help the couple feel anchored in the message.

For example the smashing of the glass in the Jewish faith suggests, as a modern interpretation, the fragility of the relationship and importance of tending to it daily.
The Unity Candle in the Catholic faith represents two families and two individuals uniting as one.
In the Chinese heritage the tea ceremony performed on an auspicious date is an intimate ritual to honor family.

So, if you don’t practice a religion that provides these ‘anchors’ of timeless ritual, you can create your own! During the ceremony it’s a moment to do something together, to create together as a couple.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding what to include:

~What is important about including this?
~How can we make this ritual meaningful for our unique relationship?
~Is it timeless? Ten years from now will the meaning still hold true for us?

A few ideas:

Unity Ceremonies are designed for exactly that – uniting two together. Two individuals uniting into one couple. Two families joining as one extended family. One partner with children combining with another partner, to create their new family.

Jen and Jon loved sailing, so "tying the knot" as their unity ceremony made perfect sense. Photo by Philip DeFalco

Jen and Jon loved sailing, so “tying the knot” as their unity ceremony made perfect sense. Photo by Philip DeFalco

Anything that symbolizes this experience is a great ritual to include. Think of things that are important to you and your relationship, experiences you enjoy, and find a way to incorporate that as your unity ceremony.

Start Something New. Planting a tree is an elegant and organic ritual, and supports the environment as well! The roots can grow deep, symbolizing strength and stability. The branches will grow tall and wide, symbolizing your reach and growth. The leaves bud and blossom – potential for new beginnings within your relationship.

Just enough room for a bottle of wine, opener, two letters. And I love the well-used old hammer - what a great touch! Photo by Anika London.

A wedding time capsule can include whatever you want. This one has just enough room for a bottle of wine, opener, two love letters. And seal it up with a well-used old hammer – what a great touch! Photo by Anika London.

Design a Wedding Time Capsule. This can be a promise for the future, and an opportunity, when you open it, to look back on how far you’ve come. To bring that ceremony day along with you into the future. To let the ceremony itself be your anchor in your marriage.

Just as you might create new traditions in your new marriage and family, you can start with your wedding ceremony.

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A guest book for your wedding is a wonderful way to capture a memory of everyone who attended your wedding – family, friends, and colleagues.

Why not offer your guests an opportunity to be a little creative with their sign-in!

Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine Fall 09

Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine Fall 09

A traditional guest book provides a line or two for your guest to write their name and perhaps contact information. With a little creative thinking, your guests can share their thoughts, wishes, advice, and blessings on your special day.  Try a ‘wishing bowl’ with special note paper, a ceramic plate to display, or an engagement photo book for guests to sign.

Photo by Terri Rippee - Rippee Photography

Photo by Terri Rippee - Rippee Photography

Just Imagine Weddings offers guest book ideas in the Fall 09 Exquisite Weddings Magazine – on stands now! Pick up a copy today!

Guest Book ideas from Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine - on stands now!

Guest Book ideas from Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine - on stands now!

“It’s important to let your guests be creative,” says Gayle Feallock, owner of Just Imagine Weddings. “More and more guests are wanting to say a wish or blessing rather than write their name.”~ “Signature Style” p. 46 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Fall 09

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