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An intimate oceanfront wedding ceremony, at Pacific Coast Grill in Cardiff. Not only uniting a couple in marriage, but creating extended family, with daughters gaining sisters.

~What a treat for the guests to be serenaded with the talent of Israel Maldonado
~Gorgeous bouquets by Isari
~Wedding planned and coordinated by the ever professional and talented Laura Rizzo
~All images captured by the fantastic Boyd Harris


Boulders, beach, and ocean waves at Pacific Coast Grill create a dramatic backdrop for a simple ceremony


Without a traditional aisle and arch, wedding planner extraordinaire Laura Rizzo created the personal touch, with names written on beach stones as place markers for the wedding party.


Sweet image of daughter helping mom with a beautiful wedding gift from her husband-to-be, just before the ceremony

ceremony open


For an intimate feel, guests were invited to gather in a half circle around the bride and groom



Mr. and Mrs.!


Everyone was feeling the love!


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Congratulations Laura & Laura! What a beautiful wedding celebration today at Rancho Buena Vista Adobe in Vista.

These two amazing women were such a treat, it was an honor to officiate their wedding ceremony.

They created a very unique Unity Ceremony, inspired by their love of chocolate. And during the ceremony, shared with their guests!

A delicious ceremony treat for wedding guests

A delicious ceremony treat for wedding guests


There will be times that are sweet,
filled with cream and honey,
and times that are dark and bittersweet.
And probably some times that are really nutty!
But every experience will nourish your body,
heart and soul.


It is a great reminder to get creative with your wedding ceremony! Think about what you love (like chocolate!) and incorporate that into your ceremony.


PS. Wedding planner extraordinaire Julie Scrivner pulled everything together with ease!

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I’m standing under the floral arch, about to officiate a wedding ceremony, watching the wedding party and then the bride proceed up the aisle. There is such a feeling of excitement and joy and, “wow – this is really happening” that I see on the faces of the bridesmaids and groomsmen, and especially the couple.

Then the bride and groom are standing before me. I encourage them to take a breath before I begin the ceremony. Their guests all sit down. As I look out upon the crowd, I see: not smiling attentive faces, but a sea of phones – held high taking pics or running video.

As a Minister who loves to connect with people, it’s hard to get the warm fuzzies while gazing upon a bunch of phones.

I completely appreciate the desire of friends and family to record the moment, the excitement of posting on Facebook or tweeting as it’s happening.

So . . . what if you—the bride and groom–gave them permission not to? It might take the pressure off.

Then they could just sit there. And enjoy the warmth of the sun, or a cool breeze. And look at their friends up there under the arch and think, “Wow, I’m really happy for them,” or, “I love hearing their vows to each other,” or “I am so glad the minister told their story, I never knew that about my friends.”

Because, it’s actually a big deal. It’s a really big deal to stand up there and promise to commit to this other person, body and soul, for the rest of your life.

You’ve invited your friends and family to serve as witness, and as your support and community. You have not hired them as photographers and reporters.

If you have not hired a professional videographer or photographer, it is perfectly reasonable to invite a few people to take on that role. Of course you want the moment captured.

But even more importantly, connecting with your friends and family on this level happens probably only a very few times in your lifetime. Enjoy the moment, and invite them to as well.

As bride and groom you are the host of your event, from start to finish, so decisions like this will always ultimately be yours, as they should.

I can appreciate arguments from both sides – to FB or not to FB in the moment.
I am simply asking the question. Then, if you do decide you would rather your guests not post and tweet during your ceremony, there are many polite and thoughtful ways to communicate your wishes.

I think we are so fortunate to have access to the technology that we do – it has certainly allowed me to experience and create some amazing things.

But in this moment of the pure emotion of sharing your vows, no technology will ever replace a warm gaze, seeing your aunt tear up, or a friend smile up at you from her seat among the crowd.

If I were performing wedding ceremonies in a church or temple, we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

But, the sacred is wherever you choose to create it.

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A guest book for your wedding is a wonderful way to capture a memory of everyone who attended your wedding – family, friends, and colleagues.

Why not offer your guests an opportunity to be a little creative with their sign-in!

Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine Fall 09

Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine Fall 09

A traditional guest book provides a line or two for your guest to write their name and perhaps contact information. With a little creative thinking, your guests can share their thoughts, wishes, advice, and blessings on your special day.  Try a ‘wishing bowl’ with special note paper, a ceramic plate to display, or an engagement photo book for guests to sign.

Photo by Terri Rippee - Rippee Photography

Photo by Terri Rippee - Rippee Photography

Just Imagine Weddings offers guest book ideas in the Fall 09 Exquisite Weddings Magazine – on stands now! Pick up a copy today!

Guest Book ideas from Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine - on stands now!

Guest Book ideas from Just Imagine Weddings in Exquisite Weddings Magazine - on stands now!

“It’s important to let your guests be creative,” says Gayle Feallock, owner of Just Imagine Weddings. “More and more guests are wanting to say a wish or blessing rather than write their name.”~ “Signature Style” p. 46 Exquisite Weddings Magazine Fall 09

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What a treat I experienced at the NACE [National Association of Catering Executives] event last night at the W Hotel downtown San Diego.

It’s always great to meet new people in the event industry and discover new services / products / designs.  As a wedding planner it’s what I thrive on and what my clients deserve.

And last night was no disappointment when my mouth was introduced to a cookie courtesy of 410Degrees. Owners Derek and Adam presented themselves to the NACE group with an amazing display and impressive variety of cookies to share.

lemonbasilI sampled the Lemon Basil, the Rosemary Balsamic, as well as the Intense Espresso, and yes, it was.


rosemary-balsamicAmazing, knee-weakening.  I know – it’s never a good idea to play it up too much. But really, I don’t think it’s possible.


Get your hands on some. If you don’t live in San Diego, no worries. They ship.

These are great for a little treat in Welcome Baskets for your out-of-town guests. Or you can even set up a Cookie Bar for your wedding guests as they’re departing your party at the end of the night.

What’s even better? You can even customize your cookie! More than 25 varieties of dough to choose from and THEN you add your mix-ins! – 60 possibilities of yummy things to include!  Wow. It’s too good.

Not only are the cookies amazing, the guys behind the dough have a great story and are passionate about what they do. Check it out.

 Now I’ve got to get my hands on a Tropical Mojito . . cookie that is!

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