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“I’ll be there in Spirit” . . . do you really mean it?

You make plans with girlfriends for a fun night out. Something comes up so you have to cancel, and in your text you also say, “but I’ll be there in Spirit!”

Does that mean, for the duration of the event you’re missing, that you will be in prayer or meditation, thinking about your friends and their fun night out?

Or, do you say it just to soften the blow? I get it, you don’t want to offend or dismay your host, and somehow this phrase indicates you’re REALLY sorry.
But, in my view, it’s a cop-out. What is wrong with simply saying, “I won’t be able to attend. I’m so sorry. Hope you have a great time.”

Why do I think this is such a big deal?
Because, tossing this phrase around cheapens it for when you really DO mean it.

spiritFor example, I recently gave a reiki healing to a client on the other side of the country. A long-distance reiki session.
This involved instructing the client to lie down at a specific time, eyes closed, focusing on their issue.
This involved setting up my reiki room and getting into a deep meditative state, intending that the reiki energy was becoming activated in my client.
In this case, I really WAS there in spirit. Focusing completely on engaging on a spiritual level at a long distance. It’s quite powerful. I did some work with reiki on her solar plexus. After the session she told me she experienced a lot of sensation around her stomach area. I didn’t tell her that’s what I was working on.

OR, during ceremony, when someone has passed and is there in spirit.
I’ve had this experience particularly at baby blessings: when a grandparent has passed, and we invoke their name during the baby blessing. For example, the parents of the baby have experienced a hummingbird buzzing by at the moment the grandparent is mentioned.

During a memorial service, at a sacred moment, something goes a little screwy with the A/V equipment. The client experiences that as the one who’s passed is sending a little ‘hello’ – especially if that person had generally been a fun trickster in their lifetime, too.

Words are powerful. Remember that the next time you catch yourself saying “I’ll be there in spirit!”
The truth is, you really do have the power within you to be there in spirit, whether you experience that through prayer, meditation, or simply spending time focusing  good wishes on another person or situation – it’s an incredible feeling, and can actually be experienced by the other person or have a positive impact.


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On Sunday I joined fellow Reiki Masters and practitioners on a group field trip to a very special property in Ramona, California. It is a land of labyrinths. The property owners have dedicated their lives to collecting rocks, gems, and crystals and created five unique labyrinths. Each one is designated and designed in such a way to enhance a particular experience.

One beauiful labyrinth is made completely of crystals, another labyrinth was created to focus on inner

The 'Peace' labyrinth, with an incredible grounding crystal at the entrance

The ‘Peace’ labyrinth, with an incredible grounding crystal at the entrance

Peace, one for the Heart, one for Prosperity, and the largest crafted after the famous Chartres labyrinth.

For so many people, and in particular many of my wedding clients who are trying to navigate what it means to be spiritual not religious,’ the labyrinth can be a lovely tool to assist you in experiencing that direct connection with the Divine.

A labyrinth can help solve problems when you enter with a particular question, invoke an experience of the sacred, or simply bring a sense of peace.

When people describe themselves as ‘spiritual not religious, I believe what they are trying to say is that the “reiigious” feels like a predetermined structure and set of rules to abide by; while the “spiritual” is the seeking of that specific set of tools that speaks uniquely to you, designed to transport you to your own direct connection with the Divine.

Happy meandering. . .

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