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In addition to favorite readings and poems, what else can you include in your wedding ceremony to give it substance and personality?

Wedding ceremonies based in traditional religions have rituals that weave the ceremony together and help the couple feel anchored in the message.

For example the smashing of the glass in the Jewish faith suggests, as a modern interpretation, the fragility of the relationship and importance of tending to it daily.
The Unity Candle in the Catholic faith represents two families and two individuals uniting as one.
In the Chinese heritage the tea ceremony performed on an auspicious date is an intimate ritual to honor family.

So, if you don’t practice a religion that provides these ‘anchors’ of timeless ritual, you can create your own! During the ceremony it’s a moment to do something together, to create together as a couple.

Questions to ask yourself when deciding what to include:

~What is important about including this?
~How can we make this ritual meaningful for our unique relationship?
~Is it timeless? Ten years from now will the meaning still hold true for us?

A few ideas:

Unity Ceremonies are designed for exactly that – uniting two together. Two individuals uniting into one couple. Two families joining as one extended family. One partner with children combining with another partner, to create their new family.

Jen and Jon loved sailing, so "tying the knot" as their unity ceremony made perfect sense. Photo by Philip DeFalco

Jen and Jon loved sailing, so “tying the knot” as their unity ceremony made perfect sense. Photo by Philip DeFalco

Anything that symbolizes this experience is a great ritual to include. Think of things that are important to you and your relationship, experiences you enjoy, and find a way to incorporate that as your unity ceremony.

Start Something New. Planting a tree is an elegant and organic ritual, and supports the environment as well! The roots can grow deep, symbolizing strength and stability. The branches will grow tall and wide, symbolizing your reach and growth. The leaves bud and blossom – potential for new beginnings within your relationship.

Just enough room for a bottle of wine, opener, two letters. And I love the well-used old hammer - what a great touch! Photo by Anika London.

A wedding time capsule can include whatever you want. This one has just enough room for a bottle of wine, opener, two love letters. And seal it up with a well-used old hammer – what a great touch! Photo by Anika London.

Design a Wedding Time Capsule. This can be a promise for the future, and an opportunity, when you open it, to look back on how far you’ve come. To bring that ceremony day along with you into the future. To let the ceremony itself be your anchor in your marriage.

Just as you might create new traditions in your new marriage and family, you can start with your wedding ceremony.

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One of the most beautiful spots for a wedding ceremony is offered by Candelas on Coronado. Toes in the sand, lapping waves and a backdrop of America’s Finest City – downtown San Diego.

Even better was officiating the wedding ceremony for Jen and Jon on October 5. What a sweet couple!!

“Jon and I cannot thank you enough for officiating our wedding. The ceremony was so beautiful because of you. We will always remember your kind words and how comfortable you made us feel on a day when we were already excited and anxious. Thank you for helping us personalize our ceremony. It was perfect and we loved it. Thank you! Jen & Jon”

Always impressive photography by Philip DeFalco.

The couple borrowed from her family’s love of the ocean and sailing. For their unity ceremony they “tied the knot”.

Just Married! Jon and Jen really played up their oceanfront ceremony, with starfish hanging from the arch.

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For their April 1 wedding celebration at Grand Pacific Palisades in Carlsbad, this couple playfully executed a fun springtime event with grace and whimsy.
From pinwheels in the arbor to argyle socks reflecting their gray & yellow theme, Katy and Troy were so fun and fun-loving!

Argyle socks reflect the fun spring-time wedding theme of yellow and gray

Cutest funnest blingiest bridal shoes ever!

Their creative execution of playful surprises throughout the wedding made this such a memorable event, and fun for their guests as well.
Friends and family got in on the act as well – Mother of the Bride created all of the centerpieces with florals from a wholesaler, and friends put set up a fun interactive Candy Bar for guests to take home goodies.

Katy & Troy: fun-loving and in love

“Gayle did everything we hoped she said she would and more. . . . it was absolutely the best choice we made in the entire wedding process. The fact that I could relax and enjoy my day with my new husband, family and friends knowing that everything was taken care of was invaluable.”

Wedding guests can make their own to-go bag favor of goodies from the candy bar!

Congratulations you two!

Wedding professionals:
Natalia Cruz

The bride's bouquet beautifully displays her grandmother's jewelry

Bouquets & Boutonnieres
Robyn Foreman

Mother of the Bride created these sweet whimsical centerpieces. Yummy Cupcakes provided by SweetCheeks Bakery


Hair & Makeup
Cassie Talamantez


Kenny Romans

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Fluxx did it again!

What do you get when you combine sweets, cocktails and chocolate? Very happy girls 🙂

Fluxx continues to showcase their space in new and exciting ways, and last night’s New Theme Launch Party was no exception.

The Fluxx Sweet Shoppe offered different stations of cupcakes, rice krispie treats, chocolate fountains, and savories, and specialty coffees.

I tried not to hover over the cupcake table and had to restrain myself from eating more than the THREE I devoured. One was a deceptively simple chocolate with no icing – but bite into it and your mouth bursts with a little pop of pure liquid chocolate. Divine.

There was such attention to detail throughout the club, with giant lollipops hanging from the ceiling, a cotton candy station, and even magnified pics of confections on giant panels. I had to stifle the urge to go up and lick the wall a la Willy Wonka.

Congratulations to Emily Goldman, event manager, and Team Fluxx for another great showcase and for reminding us that a cutting edge club like Fluxx can be a great spot to create whatever you can dream up for your special event. www.fluxxsd.com/private-events

SideNote: Have to give a shout-out to my hardworking friend Nada Adjadj of SoBelle Favors who attend the Sweet Shoppe event as just a guest (for once!) She creates amazing confections for special events as well – check her out! www.sobellefavors.com

OK, my souvenir candy necklace keeps distracting me. Time for a treat . . . 

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