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In addition to planning amazing weddings for more than eight years, I also enjoy officiating wedding ceremonies for other clients. It is a unique experience to help create this sacred and special moment for a couple and bring them together as husband and wife.


Thanks to this special role, I am able to experience weddings from a different viewpoint.


Unfortunately, I recently experienced what can go wrong when a couple unknowingly hires someone who is NOT a professional.


In this case, it was a photographer who became part of the scene instead of documenting it.


As the ceremony began the groom and I, as officiant, took our places in front of the ceremony arch. When the bride walked toward the aisle of this intimate garden patio setting, the photographer – with equipment flopping around his body – ran ahead of her, DOWN THE AISLE, then turned with his back toward us to take her photo.


I was shocked and realized the groom couldn’t even see his beautiful bride because the photographer stood in the way, filling the aisle with his body and all his equipment. I gestured to the groom to move in front of me for a better VIEW!


Then the photographer STOPPED her halfway down the aisle to say “smile” and took her photo again, turned to the groom who was trying to watch his beautiful bride walk toward him, and said, “didn’t I tell you [she looked great],” then moved around past her back down the aisle.


It was UNBELIEVABLE and upsetting for the bride and groom. Here is one of the most special experiences of the entire wedding day, the first time the bride and groom see each other, a part of their sacred wedding ceremony, and they will never have that moment back.


A professional photographer would have reviewed the area long before the ceremony began for the best positioning and taken measures to be as unobtrusive as possible.


Ensure that your wedding day unfolds just as you’ve imagined it. Work with a professional wedding planner like Just Imagine, who will refer and recommend to you true professionals who are expert not only in their craft but in the etiquette and decorum so important to such a special event.


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