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I’ve never been one for trends. But read wedding blogs, sites, and magazines and those – the leading industry trends – are the headlines on how to plan your wedding.

The message to create a wedding ceremony that is “unique” is rampant.

Following the trends is so intoxicating because they are driven by the insistence that you, the wedding couple, must be interesting, fabulous, entertaining, and surprising. That you avoid at any cost what might appear to be a cookie-cutter wedding or – God forbid – boring.

Within┬áthe world of weddings, “unique” is becoming ubiquitous.

In more than 12 years as a wedding professional and 7 years officiating wedding ceremonies, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve witnessed the Blending of the Sands unity ceremony. And guess what? I’ve never been bored by it.

Because I always see the couple – this beautiful couple in love who have created a relationship that brought them, against many odds, to this point of rare commitment. They are blending their sand in their own way, with their particular personalities and talents and intentions.

In 12 years I have never heard the same love story.

So, trust that you are inherently unique. That your story is special.

Trust that you are enough.

Give yourself a break and create the wedding ceremony that makes you happy, that tells your story. No matter how many times that unity ceremony has been performed or that poem read: for YOUR wedding, it’s happening for the very first time.

And if one of your guests – for whom you have taken such care in inviting and accommodating – is bored at your wedding: that’s their problem.


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