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One of my brides recently had an issue come up with her wedding dress. About a month before the wedding, the dress had still not arrived in the bridal salon and it was expected it would be another two weeks before it came in.

The sales person at the bridal shop, upon telling her the bad news, stated that the bride seemed so calm and was surprised the bride wasn’t freaking out.

Later the bride informed me of the situation and then asked, “Should I be freaking out?”

I would describe this bride as the ultimate goddess bride!

Just because many other brides might have freaked out, doesn’t mean that’s the best reaction.

I advised the bride to get all the information she could from the salon about tracking the status of the dress, backup options, turnaround time for fittings, etc. It’s all about assessing the situation and seeing what’s possible.

There was no need to freak out since the salon informed the bride of everything they were doing in their best effort to resolve the situation, and even offered her another beautiful dress already in their inventory that was similar to hers, as a backup.

Tips to Avoid Freaking Out:

~If in fact your dress has not arrived from the manufacturer as scheduled, get all the information about when the dress will arrive in order to make an informed decision.

~Decide on your boundaries – are you comfortable waiting or would you choose to try another salon or instead take their Option B dress?

~Ask about refunds, discounts, guarantees

~Ask for solutions. Sometimes the salon will come up with an idea you had not considered.

~Allow people to do their best for you.

Sometimes we freak out because we feel powerless. Empower yourself with all the information and then the decision is all yours. Freaking out doesn’t help anything.

Usually when we remain calm, situations are more easily resolved and it is almost unbelievable how many resources become available to us when we allow them.

In this case, the dress arrived in plenty of time for alterations and the bride was beautiful!


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It’s time again for the annual Running of the Brides! This infamous event at Filene’s Basement is an amazing opportunity to secure your wedding gown for as little as $250! If you have a strategy and a take-no-prisoners team on your side, that is.

Do know someone who’s been one of the lucky (crazy? fearless?) brides to find her dream dress in Filene’s – Drop us a comment – let’s hear the story!

I love this response on Filene’s web site under FAQs:
“Are men allowed in the store during the sale?”
Sure, if they dare.

Watch this homevideo of the madness as the racks are cleared in 2 minutes flat:

Filene’s Basement | Running of the Brides
Upcoming Bridal Events 2009 
Feb. 20th Boston, MA

Feb. 27 in New York, NY

March 20 in Atlanta, GA

April 3 in Rockville, MD

July 24 in Chicago, IL

July 31 Washington, D.C.

August 21 Boston, MA

October 16 in Cleveland, OH

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