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An attendee of a talk I gave recently on house energy clearings, described a piece of furniture that caused her emotional pain every time she looked at it. It was a treasured piece, but she associated it with a relationship that ended badly.

I shared techniques to ‘ground’ the furniture, release the energy of its memories and bring in new intentions for the item. She said rather than sell the piece as she had planned, she would give the techniques a try.

A few weeks after the talk, I ran into her in a mall parking lot. She told me she’d used the grounding techniques, and not only did she keep her beloved furniture, she was able to forgive and find peace around the previous relationship.

Energy can be powerful, and it can be shifted.

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Just as a wedding ceremony honors love and commitment and your new life together, I think it is important to honor many other transitions in your life as well.

Even the transition of fun-in-the-sun Summer into back-to-school Fall; starting a new career or launching a new business; bringing a new baby home. Though these can all be exciting and wonderful experiences, the transitions can sometimes be rough, especially when we just jump headlong into the next thing.

A great way to release the old and welcome in the new is with a Home Energy Clearing. Your home is your sanctuary, and it actually holds onto energy. So if the energy that is in your home has not caught up with the next phase in your life, sometimes the contrast can feel jarring.

According to a New York Post article a few years ago, hiring a home energy healer in New York is as common as hiring a weekly dog walker:

“After he and his partner of five years broke up, Lorelli was left with the lease at their river-facing, one-bedroom Chelsea pad in a brand-new full-amenity building on the High Line.
The only way to get out of the lease, which didn’t end until March 2013, was to find another renter.
The building’s on-site leasing agent started looking for a new dweller in June. It remained on the market for six weeks without budging.”

After hiring a spiritual healer to clear the townhouse, . . . “Four days later, Lorelli found a renter.”

Why did it rent only four days later? The house healer helped the energy of the people and the house move on out, so new energy could come in.

It’s just like changing the oil in your car, or pouring Drano in your pipes. Sometimes home energy gets stuck and just needs a little help moving through, so that everything runs more efficiently.

Honoring the transitional experience as sacred can give it a whole new light, a light at the end of the tunnel. Supporting and honoring the sacred in that transition with an energy clearing can help you move through a challenging situation with a little more ease and grace.

When can a home energy clearing be helpful?
~When you are planning to move
~When you are experiencing difficulty with family relations
~When you are changing careers
~When you bring a new baby home
~During the holidays when family will visit, or after they have left
~When you feel ‘stuck’ and unable to complete personal projects or tasks around the home
How can a home energy clearing help?
It inspires you to create, initiate, or complete those tasks and projects that have been weighing on you for ages.

It helps you see your home differently, so you may just start a redecoration project, or find new uses for previously wasted space

It literally helps clear the air so that you might be able to have that conversation with your spouse or children that you have been dreading, now with a little grace and insight.


Gayle Feallock, owner and founder of Just Imagine Weddings & Ministry, is an Ordained Minister through Universal Life Church, to perform all duties of the ministry. She received her clairvoyant and intuitive training through four-year study with the school of Intuitive Insights program in San Diego. A gifted clairvoyant and Reiki Master, Gayle also offers personal reiki and energy healings.

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