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My mother came for a visit this summer. She stayed for a week. I gave her my bedroom, and I slept in my garage-converted-to-sanctuary on a fancy airmattress.

My sanctuary has carpeting and drapes and couch and ottoman, and a massage table for my reiki clients. It’s a lovely space, but even still, I wasn’t sure how great I would sleep “out in the garage.”

Truth is, I slept more deeply and soundly during that week than I have in a very long time. Which seemed perplexing, until I realized, “Oh, yes, the energy.”

HouseHealimageEven though it is technically the garage, the majority of activity in that space is of prayer, healing and meditation. No wonder I slept so well. Now I need to do more prayer and meditation in my bedroom and bring that same great energy there!

Every room in your home has a different energy, based on your behaviors, emotions, and activities while you’re in that room.

And, guess what? You can shift the energy.

As a nondenominational minister I facilitate Home and Business Energy Clearings.
As we move into October it is a great time to make that final energetic transition from Summer into Fall.

Now you can learn how, too:


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When I tell people I perform baby blessings, often a smile appears, followed by slight confusion around the eyes.

My sister asked, “Like in the Lion King?”
Well, definitely with the enthusiasm and sense of community, but without quite so much drama, and there is no dangling of babiesThe-Lion-King-the-lion-king-13191392-800-600 over a cliff.

So, I continue describing, “it’s taking a moment to honor this new little life in your life. To focus on your intentions for parenting this child, the promises and commitments you are making to your little one. Even asking for support from your friends and family.”

But beyond promises, intentions, and support of community, it’s a moment to invite the Divine into your baby’s life and purpose while they play on Earth, whatever that means to you.

You can make the Baby Blessing ceremony a big occasion and invite all of your extended family, friends, and people in your community.

Or it can be an intimate ceremony, just the two of you and your child.

Whatever you create, it’s a time to focus on honoring the Sacred Experience of bringing this child into the world and promising to do your best to help the child be their best.

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