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That was a first!

This afternoon I officiated a wedding ceremony while standing on a rock in the middle of a creek. The couple stood on another rock next to mine, and the water flowed around us.

12/12/12 – a popular day for weddings. And no wonder! In addition to the pleasing numerical repetition, the number 1 represents new beginnings and masculinity, the number 2 union and the feminine, and together the number 12 brings harmony and balance of the masculine and feminine.

Congratulations to Ursula and Justin! They were married today in the middle of a creek (river?) in Elfin Forest, near Rancho Santa Fe.

What a spectacular location it was, with the sun streaming through the trees, and the sound of the water flowing around us.

I love my profession!!

And congratulations to everyone who shared vows on this very special day.

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